Films I will probably never watch…

There are certain films in life that people regard as ‘must see’. They will gasp in horror when you casually mention that you have never seen the likes of Avatar or Braveheart.

Here is a list of films that I have not seen, and due to my inherent stubbornness probably never will…

  1. Avatar
  2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  3. The Hobbit
  4. Les Miserables
  5. Braveheart
  6. Apocalypto
  7. Moulin Rouge
  8. The Passion of the Christ
  9. The Wizard of Oz
  10. The Sound of Music
  11. It’s a Wonderfull Life
  12. Star Trek
  13. Casino Royal (all Bond films)
  14. La La Land


The James Cameron powerhouse about blue people sent every man and his dog dashing to the nearest IMAX. With a bum tingling runtime of over 3 hours, not even the inclusion of Sigourney Weaver in the cast could convince me to give this a whirl.


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy & The Hobbit

Embarrassingly enough I have never read the books, which is probably why I never got around to watching the films.

brave - christ - apoc

Braveheart etc.

Despite growing up on a healthy diet of Mel Gibson films (Lethal Weapon, Mad Max), this film has somehow passed me by. Due to Gibson’s recent antics (and reports of an apparently dodgy Scottish accent) give me enough cause to give this movie a permanent miss, along with everything else directed by Gibson.


Les Miserables, Moulin Rouge, The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz…

…and pretty much any other musical under the sun. I can’t do musicals; I just can’t. The closest I’ve gotten to watching a musical and enjoying it was Josie and the Pussy Cats.

So what films are on your never list? Would you rather stick pins in your eyes rather than watch Titanic? Let me know in the comments below.